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Velrampet Lake - My stint with ducks and chicks

It was a pleasant summer morning. Adjusting the focus of my binoculars, I was trying to get a better view of lesser whistling ducks, standing along the banks of Velrampet lake, Puducherry. I could see a horde of ducks from distance; all lesser whistling ducks. They seem to have a perfect outing, twirling and hurdling on the shallow water surface. Velrampet Lake - Puducherry As the summer peaks up, the water level in the lake goes down, inviting water birds for an extravaganza. These adorable creatures visit the lake during late summer and enjoys the feast. Some are resident to the lake and can be spotted throughout the year. I took a stroll around the lake with my active companion – binoculars – for observing these fellas. Morning breeze cheered me up swaying refreshingly, thanks to the tall trees (palm, pongamia, raintree, etc) erected along the banks of the lake. You will never feel the heat walking along this natural shades. North side of the lake - canopy cov