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What Heritage Town in Pondicherry can reveal about Madhuca Trees?

Heaven is where there are Mahua trees and hell is where there is no mahua tree to make wine – a popular Gond saying. Art by Anaga N Mahua trees (Madhuca longifolia) are considered sacred among the Gond communities of Central Indian plateau of Chota Nagpur region. It is widely popular amongst them as ‘Kalpavriksha’ - Trees of Life. During childbirth, Mahua oil is applied to the child after cutting the umbilical cord. As a tradition, newlyweds hold the sticks of Mahua tree, during marriage. Also, Mahua drinks are served as well. The dead corpse is tarnished with Mahua oil. Hence, right from the birth to death, the part played by Mahua trees in Gond culture is irreplaceable. Majorly found in Central India, Mahua trees are also spotted all the way down south. In fact, ancientSangham literature mentions about the significant relationship between mahuaflowers and bears . Project Madhuca This culturally and environmentally significant tree is found in Puducherry as well. While its

Indoor Observation - The next big thing in Lockdown!

Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone motionless and indolent for the past few weeks. Given the current situation of our country and the contagious nature of the virus, this locked-to-house condition might go on for a while. Hence, it would be good to keep up the momentum to stay hopeful and active. While reading gives peace, there is something that can give unimaginable pleasure - Observation. It’s something you can do at ease without compulsion or exhaustion. Careful selection of subject is key in making your observation delightful and fun. Not to mention  the patience required. Obviously, it will be good if your subject is a living creature. Spider, Spider where are you? Art by Anaga N I selected a tiny but beautiful creature, the spider. One that is easily spotted in our homes and can also fascinate you with its incredible architectural skill and inquisitive self. To start with, spiders are not insects but Arachnids. Insects have six legs and belong to the class Insecta unlike s