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Owl! Owl! Where are you?

“Sir, I told you there are owls in this school campus,” a student exclaimed after having caught sight of this beautiful bird standing idle on one of the branches of a badam tree just outside the school campus. --- Spotted Owlet We were doing a count of all the birds on campus, or what we called the Campus Bird Count , in one of the government schools in Puducherry with primary school students. Initially, there was a discussion amongst the students about the birds they were familiar with and where they had seen them. Students were very enthusiastic and were sharing their encounters, “I have seen many parrots on the tree.” “I have seen peacocks on the farm” “Crows are everywhere” “I have seen pigeons on the electric cable” “I have seen owls in the school” “Owls?”  I was surprised and checked with the teacher. “Though I have not seen it myself, I've heard people say that there are owls here within the campus,” the teacher said. “Don’t worry sir, I will