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Time for Nature in the neighbourhood...................

Hope you are doing good and strongly coping up with current pandemic situation, which hasn’t been experienced in such a scale. With a more connected world (for humans), we are geared up for a prolonged experience of this situation and more of such impending phenomenon. We, humans, fight at differential scales to cope up. ·          For some it is the fight for mere survival, ·          For some it is the fight for getting together with friends and kin ·          For some it is the fight for free choices of travel and purchase ·          For some it is the fight for their right to leisure ·         And finally, for some it is fight for ‘noone knows what for, everyone is fighting so I am fighting hard too’. But apart from humans, for every other life on Earth, there is only one fight and that is always the ‘fight for survival’. How do we observe this? Is it only for the researchers and scientists to observe, document and report? Observation, one process which had been re