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Little angels' yet another discovery - Bahour Lake

“Sir, there is it. It is pink in colour and beautiful,” thrilled a bunch of little girls. Looked like they have guessed something as their eyes were glint with eagerness. Teacher were showing them Pond Heron, beautifully camouflaged along the bunch of water hyacinth leaves. With a hunched neck, it looked still as rock beside the leaves. Girls had a tough time spotting the bird but after spotting the bird they looked confused. They couldn’t relate it with an actual bird as it stood there like a statuette. Once they looked convinced, they came with this observation where they claimed to have spotted another pond heron. Teacher had a closer look as it is not very far from them; may be 15-20 feet away. Taking a step forward, he bends. His eyes frowned and seem to have lost the high-spiritedness. Yet he tried to keep up his spirits for the sake of the children. “Wonderful observation. It is pink but not pond heron for sure. Why can’t you have a closer look and observe its f

Little angels' cool discovery at Bahour Lake...

“Sir, it went in,” said a group of little girls with a glint of excitement shone on their faces. They were standing on the bank of Bahour lake, one of the beautiful lakes in Puducherry; one of the largest. They were observing birds. Two little grebes parting ways “Oh yeah! Just check and tell me when it comes back,” replied the teacher, who organized a nature walk for the school children. Children carefully screened the surface of the lake for a few seconds. “There it is!” Little angels jumped out in excitement. “It came out in different place.  Looks like it swims very fast inside the water,” they added cheerfully. “Wonderful. Can we play a game the next time?” The teacher tried to lighten up the mood. The girls looked engrossed into the bird. They didn’t know the name of the bird yet. It looked dark and tiny from the distance. Little grebe takes a dip “It went in! It went in!” They gave out a loud outcry.  “Alright! The time starts now.” Teacher