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Is the Planet Earth destabilizing?

I woke up at 6 am, thanks to the relentless loud alarm. I turned it off, got up from my bed, stepped on the floor mat and the dampness hit me! The soggy floor drove away my sleepiness. I carefully trotted to the hallway and noticed water dripping down the electric point on the wall, flooding the surface. I was shocked. Immediately, I moved the table and started wiping and drying the floor. The damp floor Art by Anaga N I rushed to the first floor to check with my neighbour about the situation, and they were busy cleaning their house too. The water seemed to have entered all corners of their apartment and they had a tough time wiping it dry. All of this was due to the heavy rain that poured at midnight from 12 to around 5 in the morning, mid-February this year. The downpour was heavy and ferocious. It left the entire city stranded, the whole day! And it was neither monsoon nor had a low pressure developed in the Bay of Bengal. Then what could be the reason? Climate change?? It was a p