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A lucky spotting at Valparai

It was a pleasant evening. I was driving on the curvy roads of Valparai. Although, it falls under the Western Ghats, the soaring temperature did not feel like one. There wasn’t any canopy cover to protect us from the sweltering heat as the atmosphere was teeming with the dense thickets of tea gardens. Over the past few decades, tropical forests (across the world) have been harvested exponentially for tea, coffee or oil palm cultivation. Valparai is not an exception. Anyways, this story is not about deforestation or conservation, but about an adorable species and the very nature of tropical forests. Forest bungalow in between the woods Art by Anaga N As the road meandered, I took a sharp turn, and entered the deep-rooted tropical forest from an open tea estate. A sudden change in the temperature hit me as I witnessed short tea shrubs transforming into tall and dense tropical trees. Sunlight had a tough time piercing through tiny breaks of the canopy covers and, hence altering the temper